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Your American Teen is a full length documentary about the sexual exploitation of teenage girls in the northwest region of the United States. From incest, to drugs, to violent sexualized music, advertisements and movies, to sexual harassment in our schools, our malls and the internet, one thing is clear, our girls are under attack.

Our film, Your American Teen, follows three teens for approximately 2 years. All three girls suffered severe trauma as children and throughout their adolescence; all three had parents that were unable or unwilling to care for them. Their stories are horrifying and tragic and yet, in them we see beauty, innocence and hope!

We have interviewed survivors, detectives, organization executives, celebrities, lawyers, policy makers and many others in our quest to find out what is being done to prevent sexual exploitation of vulnerable girls in our region and beyond. Featuring Daryl Hannah, Jane Velez-Mitchell, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, and more.

Coming soon to DVD. Check out the movie website at: