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My name is Michael Lindberg, and I would be honored to be a part of your celebration of marriage. Since 2001, film, television, and photography have made up my entire professional life. Having a background in feature films, music videos, and documentary filmmaking, I utilize elements of each in every wedding that I shoot to create a truly cinematic experience out of your day.

When you choose me to be a part of your wedding, there is no time limit to my day with you. The day is YOUR day, and I am there to capture it all from start to finish. Whether that is a 6 hours or 16, I'm there for you. Using professional sound and HD cameras, your ceremony is captured from multiple angles and edited together in a documentary style to ensure that every emotion is remembered for all time. We will also create for you a cinematic highlight video that captures the beauty, the emotion, the essence, and all the key moments of your wedding day, from getting into hair and makeup all the way through the party at the reception. Videos are personalized to every couple and event, and provided to you in a nicely packaged DVD and Blueray disc set.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Videography

Pennington Highlight Video

Perez Highlight Video

Rademaker Highlight Video

Dream Team Wedding

Kara and John Highlight Video

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